Stefan Otto

Layers of Pink/ No Ragrets - 2018/19

 Exhibitions at Wadström Tönnheim Gallery, 181117 - 181215 and Stene Projects Gallery 190425 - 190525 


Traumwunsch 2015/16

This exhibition was an attempt to adress the recent rise of rightwing populism and neonazism in europe by telling the story of my own grandfather.



Descent 2015/16

Photoseries. Pigmentprints on Acidfree Cottonpaper.


Fade 2012

Fade, Four vw-buses in different stages of disintergration, paint, various materials, 110 x 70 x 35 (podiumsize), 2011


Double Surface, 2012



Improving Nature Part2 2009

Three photos siliconmounted on glass, variable sizes - 2009


A Makeup Jinn 2008

A Makeup Jinn - Videoobject, 3xLCD-Screens, videoloops, various materials, 35x35x150cm ( with podium & plexicube) - 2008



I.N 2008

Improving Nature - Videoobject (30x30x150cm, with podium & plexicube), LCD-screen, videoloop (4min.), various materials - 2008


Improving Nature 2008

Seven Photos siliconmounted on glass, variable sizes.


One-Liners 2006

C-prints in Lightboxes, 30x40cm each


Sidewinder 2004

Sidewinder, videoobject, aluminium, speaker, LCD-screen, videoloop (5min) - 2004


Aerial 2004

Aerial, Three photos siliconmounted on glass, and a video, 2004


Others 2003

Others, C-prints, siliconmounted on glass.


Blackout 2003

Blackout, photo siliconmounted on glass, 70x80cm


Fast forward/ Fast rewind 2002

Fast forward/ Fast rewind, video (loop), DVD-PAL, 5.40min - 2002


Whiteout 2002

Whiteout - Photoseries, siliconmounted on plexiglass, 50x70cm, 2002



Photoseries, C-print mounted on aluminium, 110x130cm


Circles 2001

Circles, Installation with lights in a wheat-field in Finland. Each circle aprox, 1,5m in diameter.


Floater 2001

Video, DVD-PAL, 7.20min-loop


Rearview 2001

Rearview 1 +2, videoinstallations.


Untitled 1999

Untitled, Candlewax, Each section aprox. 35x40x50cm



UNTITLED, Candlewax, life-size casts


Climbers 1998

Climbers, Candlewax, each figure aprox. 35x15x15cm.